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SHIPS IN 2 DAYS IF ORDERING 109mm size TOP TRAY (STANDARD) Comes with 109mm top tray unless otherwise specified.

Fold Belt Farm's new Quick Seal Pre-Roll Packer 300, speeds up your post-production by 15x! Just fill, pack, and seal.

Now you can seal your cones without having to remove them from the machine, once done packing, use the packing tool to seal each row (15 cones) at a time, with all the benefits of the original Pre-Roll Packer 300. Strong, easy to use, powerful vibrating motor, speed controller to adjust vibration, easily remove cones while in tray to operate in an assembly line process if using 2nd top tray.

How to use:


1.) Load cones into machine.

2.) Load material onto top tray (helps to fill cones halfway, then run machine 3 seconds, then fill rest of way)

3.) Run machine (1 - 5 minutes)

4.) Insert quick-lift clips

5.) Tamp and eject cones 

In our experience, using a metering tray is not necessary, by simply filling cones, the machine will level material throughout the tray. producing a consistency of around 0.2grams per cone. A metering tray requires more time, cost, and has a negligent variance in results in our opinion.

Comes with:


x1 top tray (300 hole)

x4 elevator clips

x1 tamp/eject tool
x1 variable speed controller

x1 allen wrench tool

Tray material PLA High Strength, Food Grade. Wash cold, ISO Propyl okay.
Lifetime support

Top Tray fits cone size 109mm King Size. (12.1mm hole diameter) Please message us with requests for different size cones, can be custom made to fit any size cone. Handling time 2 days unless ordering customer size tray, please allow 15 days build time.

30 day warranty

Quick-Seal Pre-Roll Packer 300

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