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Easy to use, strong, and reliable. Just load cones into tray and fill with material, turn machine on and pack until desired density is reached (~ 5minutes.)  Once done packing lift cones and top tray off and set aside for hand finish (twist or fold to seal.)


 If using 2 top trays, one can pass the 1st packed tray of cones in an assembly line style operation while a 2nd tray is loaded into the machine.


Call now to order your custom pre-roll machine, models can be made to accommodate any size cone up (294) cones per tray.


(When ordering, note which cone size you plan to use, 109mm / 84mm trays currently in stock, custom trays can be made for any size cone upon request.)


Speed up your post-production 4x by using our 4-Banger Cone Sealing tool!


(Some people have asked for a metering tray, we don't use a metering tray with our machine because we've found them to be unnecessary, costly, and labor intensive. By simply spreading material across the top tray, and into cones, making sure they are somewhat evenly filled, the machine will vibrate material to an even level, having a consistency within 0.2 grams. Please message with any questions.


Comes with:

Industrial motor (120vac)

Speed Controller

1 Top Tray

1 Tool




Prices will vary upon requests, (price including 1 set of trays).

Price for 1 extra tray - $285


Please call or message us to order yours today!

(Does not qualify for BUY 3 GET 1 FREE)

The Pre-Roll Packer 300

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Fill ~300 cones at a time with this self packing pre roll machine. Want a perfectly twisted tip end on your pre roll? Simply remove the top tray with all ~300 filled cones, and pass down your assembly line for a hand finish or speed up post-production 4x with a 4 Banger cone sealing tool and dutch crown 4 cones at a time!

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